Restitition : Final School Exhibition

Thank you everyone who came out to the exhibition a couple weeks ago! We have finished up debrief and students are now home.
So that’s a wrap! ONE School for Artists 2018 is officially over and we had an incredible time! Thanks for following along, we begin the next school in January, so either continue to follow along here, or just come do the school yourself! ;) 📸 : @westonkloefkorn

1st week in Baltimore

Our first week in Baltimore has been amazing, we have been shown this amazing city through it's streets, museums, cafes and sidewalks. We are so honored to be here for the next months!

Below are some highlights of our week in the USA! 

photography by Weston Kloefkorn

Ålesund Phase : Highlights

Today’s the day! It’s been a true honor being here at @ywamaalesund for the last months creating, seeing and exploring! Now we are off to the amazing @ywambaltimore! We are so stoked to see what happens in Bali and were looking forward to sharing our journey with you guys! photographs by @westonkloefkorn and @sarahgrunderphotography 😊

1 a Day Exhibition : End of Barcelona Phase

Images from our 1 a day exhibition! We are so proud of the students and staff who showcased their work in this exhibition. We are so thankful for excellent artists in our school! 

Mike and Grace Penhale - YOUR CRAFT IS BUSINESS


images by Sarah Grunder

Photo Art by Zebediah Polter

Take your time. Scroll and enjoy Zeb's amazing work!

follow him on instagram - @zpotler

Freedom to Fail week with JP Sanders

Such a privilege to have JP speak on art, culture and freedom to fail. Listen to the teaching sessions and enjoy the art that was created below!

Photographs taken by Sarah Grunder


Joy of Failure week update

Joy in Failure

Barcelona, Spain 9 Floor Apartment WEEK TOPIC: Emotional Health & Joy in Failure

February 11, 2018 Dear Friends & Family,

Hello from beautiful Barcelona! It is almost unreal how smooth the school is running. It’s been a busy couple of weeks learning from the lectures; growing in our creativity and relationship with God individually and together. We’ve had the privilege of sitting under the teaching of incredible teachers such as Lisa Jones (a traveling speaker who has a powerful story of God’s restorative power from a life full of darkness to a life full of God’s goodness) and JP Sanders (he invested in the skate community in China for 10 years by running a skate shop). Lisa shared about emotional health and the importance of health as artists. JP had a more light hearted topic, showing us how to find joy in failure.

Some of our favorite moments during these past few weeks have been hanging out with local artists. After the heavy emotional week we had an 80s themed dance party with many of our locals friends! We attended/participated in an open mic night hosted by Lanzarte and got to see incredible talent from students and locals. YWAM Barcelona has created an event called “Artist Meet Up” allowing those involved in ONE to meet local artists from all different backgrounds. We are all being filled deeply with inspiration from Barcelona’s culture, having artists talks with local artists, and living amongst other creative people fuels our inspiration.

On a less up lifting note, many people have been feeling ill. Sore throats and fevers have been forcing some to find rest. With health being a value that YWAM Barcelona has, those who find themselves sick are being well nurtured. A financial need has also come up in the school. Due to exchange rates and a student needing money, the ONE school needs around €4,000. We know God will provide and we can not wait to see how He does!

That’s just a little insight into our past 2 weeks here in ONE Barcelona! More updates will soon come.

Sincerely yours, ONE

Artist Spotlight - Julia Signe Fuhler

Student Artist spotlight: @julia.fuhler | photography & sketches by Julia.



January 24, 2018

Dear Friends & Family,

There is fullness in excellent likeminded artists coming together; where one may lack, another fills the void. The unity of artists all around the world has begun...

The ONE school has been a perfect example of unity. All credit for unity is owed to vulnerability and the Holy Spirit. How else would anyone be able to gather numerous artists and expect a cohesive yielding? The feeling of promise fills the air. All people, directly involved in the school, have allowed their brokenness to be seen. Because of this openness, the creative expression has moved people to the point of tears and vulnerability.

This week has been filled with going deep, getting to experience each individual’s pain. We can now understand them joyfully. In the previous update, a surprise student entered our midst. When she arrived she took time here to pray about her decision. She felt like there was a need to return home and face her opponent (so to speak). We said goodbye sending her with our blessing and agreeing with her decision to follow the Lord no matter the difficulty.

Our first teacher Kristin Potler did a fantastic job setting the tone for the remainder of the school. Kristin began the week with her powerful and endearing life story. She continued by talking about the CREATION of the world, allowing us as artists to have a deeper understanding of our place in the world.

For the homework assignment, we had to choose one of the days of creation and portray it through our various mediums. The results were breathtaking... The uniqueness of our artists was truly showed through this assignment; songs, spoken word, paintings, drawings and even a sculpture created from trash on the streets. Each week, the creativity, as well as intimacy, has grown. There is a mutual feeling of expectancy lingering in the air, as we wait and create.

Sincerely yours, ONE