Denver, Colorado 

Tattoo Artist 

Owner and operater of @curbsideskatepark 

We really enjoyed having @michaelpenhale with us this week teaching on ‘Your Craft as a Business’.

“Scripture is the absolute truth, it’s the context in which we need to go into this stuff with, and if you feel like you are jumping into your culture and getting so confused about His character, take a little bit and let Him tell you instead of letting these other vultures convince you of who He is or letting their lifestyles convince you of who He is.”


We helped host a house show the other night with @papelmachemusic And other traveling musicians. We had a great night the connecting with local artists community.


Friday night we had a concert featuring Jake Reny (staff), Zach Hedrich (student), and Jose Ramirez (local artist). Thank you everyone who came out, it was amazing to see each of these talented musicians in their element. They inspired us. And the power of music to bring people together is incredible.

The artist community in Barcelona is a special thing, we are grateful to be able to connect with it and serve in any way that we can.

| WEEK 4 |

We just finished week 4 on Art & Healing with Nikole Lim. The students were hands on with different art projects throughout.